I'm Divlo

Developer Full Stack Junior • Passionate about High-Tech

  • Birth Date 31/03/2003
  • Nationality Alsace, France
  • E-mail contact@divlo.fr

  • I'm learning online programming languages to improve my skills in my passion.

    I designed my graphic chart and my website.

My Interests

Developer Full Stack Junior :
Computer programming is my main passion, I love it!
Mostly web development for the moment but I'm programming some Python too.

Passionate about High-Tech :
I always wondered how the future will be, each day I want to wake up and think the future is going to be great and even better than the past. Technologies are getting better and better over time and that's very helpful in many areas. I have the idea to revolutionize the world, to be helpful for humanity as my way.

Open-Source enthusiast :
For me everyone should work, solve problems, build things and brainstorming together. Each people has its own qualities so if we mix up all together we should be able to get something perfect.
Long live the open source, whenever you can share you work to everyone do it!

  • Developer Full Stack Junior
  • Passionate about High-Tech
  • Open-Source enthusiast

My Skills

Web development and Programming : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and (WordPress).

Software knowledge : Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop, Filmora, OBS Studio, Visual Studio Code, Wamp, Git (et GitHub), FileZilla.

Languages : French (native language) and English (A2-B1).




Some of my projects are on my GitHub profile.



FunctionProject is a project that aims to gather a lot of small program to do several things like knowing the weather, generating a random number, etc. (only in french)


Working on secret projects... 👀

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me

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