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I am Divlo

Developer Full Stack Junior • Passionate about High-Tech

I'm learning online programming languages to improve my skills in my passion.

I designed my graphic chart and my website.

My Interests

Developer Full Stack Junior :
Computer programming is my main passion, I love it!
Mostly web development for the moment but I'm programming some Python and others programming language too.

Passionate about High-Tech :
I always wondered how the future would be. Every day I want to wake up and think that the future will be great and even better than the past. Technologies improve gradually over time, which is very useful in many areas.

Open-Source enthusiast :
For me, everyone should work, solve problems, build things and think together. Long live open source, whenever you can share your work, do it!
The website is open-source on github.

  • Developer Full Stack Junior
  • Passionate about High-Tech
  • Open-Source enthusiast

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